LGBTQ Workshop Request Form
The Office of Intercultural Engagement is happy to facilitate a workshop around topics of gender, sexuality, and inclusion for your group upon request. To best accommodate your needs and goals for the workshop, please provide two weeks in advance of your desired workshop date. Contact Elliott Kimball,, with any questions or for more information.
How many people do you anticipate attending this workshop?
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Who will attend this workshop?
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Is this a private Safe Zone training?
If yes, specify which one in the next question and discuss how we can best tailor it to your group.
What do you hope attendees will take away or learn from this workshop? What do you want attendees to be able to do after attending?
For example, "a better understanding of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities", "strategies to make our space more inclusive of LGBTQ+ people" , and/or "ways to better advocate for the LGBTQ+ community".
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How long would you like this workshop to be?
Do you have a space or location for this workshop to be held?
If you do have a space or location for this training, please select all technology and features available in the space below:
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How familiar with this topic will the attendees be prior to the workshop?
For example, "most attendees have never attended a workshop around this topic" or "some attendees have attended programs on-campus around these topics"
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Is there anything else we should know about your audience to help us better prepare for this workshop?
For example, "we've had some issues recently regarding homophobic language in group settings" or "we have some policies that could be more inclusive and hope to do that after this workshop"
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Do you have a selected date and time?
If so, write requested date(s) in the blank below. Otherwise we will reach out to schedule a time with you!
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