2018 AECT-DDL Book Award Nomination Form
The 2018 AECT Division of Distance Learning Book Award is presented in recognition of a print or digital book published in English with a copyright date in 2015, 2016, 2017, or 2018 that describes important theoretical or practical aspects of distance education that can help others involved in distance education or those researching an important aspect of distance education. The primary focus of the book must be directly related to distance education.

Self-nominations are accepted; neither nominators nor authors need current AECT membership. Three copies of the nominated book should be shipped to members of the review committee. Information for accessing digital copies of the book should be included in the rationale for nomination or sent via email (AECTDDLBookAward@gmail.com). Nominators are encouraged to contact publishers to request that complimentary copies of books be made available. If desired, other informational materials which help to describe the nature and quality of the book can be included when the books are shipped or via email (AECTDDLBookAward@gmail.com).

The deadline for receipt of all nominations, books, access information, or additional materials is Sunday, April 1, 2018. For more information about the AECT-DDL Distance Education Book Award, contact the Book Award Committee Chair, Dr. Barbara M. Hall (aectddlbookaward@gmail.com).

Shipping addresses will be shared with the nominators when their nominations are confirmed.

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Please describe your rationale for nominating this book based on the areas checked in the preceding question.
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Shipment Acknowledgment *
Please click “I agree” to acknowledge that you will send (or provide electronic access information for) copies of the nominated book to the addresses that will be provided in the confirmation email. The nomination is not complete until the books are received.
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