2014 LQA&E Training Registration

Make check payable to U of M and mail $5 per participant to: U of M Extension Attn: Sue Crotty 322 Laurel Street, Suite 21 Brainerd, MN 56401
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Choose the training location most convenient for you.

Levels 1 & 2 will be taught at these locations unless otherwise noted.

Certification Levels

Grades 3-5: level 1 Grades 6-8: certifying for the first time, level 1. Or if previously certified, may re-certify in either level 1 or level 2. NOTE: Our region encourages those who have previously certified and are in grades 3-5 to re-take level 1. However, parents may choose to have their youth move forward and take level 2. Grades 9-11: level 2 Grades 12-13 have four options: 1) re-certify at level 2 (will be different lessons than 3 years ago) 2) complete an animal science class at a two year or four year accredited college 3) teach a 4-H LQA&E session with approve from 4-H staff 4) contribute in a leadership role at a 4-H animal science project meeting with approval from 4-H staff

Parents are encouraged to sit in the sessions for free and do not need to register.

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