Medical Student Council Grant Application Form (Revised 6/2015)

1. Applications will be evaluated at the beginning of each month. The deadline for application is the last Monday of the month PRIOR to the month in which the event will take place. For example, if your event is in October, you must submit the application by the last Monday in September. Applications will be accepted as early as the beginning of the semester in which the event is to take place.

2. Applications for grant funding must be for specific events or projects and should not be considered a source for increasing a student group’s general budget. PLEASE NOTE: Student groups will not be considered for a grant until all allotted student council funds have been used.

3. Groups and/or individuals will be allowed to apply for a grant once per semester.

4. Preference will be given to community service events. Lunch lectures and individual travel are NOT eligible for grant funding at this time.

5. Preference will be given to applicants who have demonstrated reasonable effort toward obtaining funding from other sources (such as collaboration with other student groups, application for outside grants from PSG/GAPSA, MMF, etc., and charitable donations from community/University organizations).

6. Small Events: Maximum funding for small events will be $200. Small events are those advertised to medical students only or events hosting fewer than 100 people. The grant committee reserves the right to determine which events are considered “small events".

7. Large Events: Maximum funding for large events will be $400. Large events include those widely advertised to the general community. Applications requesting an amount greater than $400 will be brought to the General Medical Student Council for review after (and only after) the initial submission.

8. All events being sponsored by UMN Medical Student Council should have the Medical Student Council noted on promotional materials as a co-sponsor.

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