Form UM 1819: Price & Supplier Justification Form for Purchases $10,000-49,999

University of Minnesota Purchasing Policy requires this form to be attached to any standard goods and services EFS requisition or Purchase Order (PO) that totals between $10,000 and $49,999.99.

A) U Market purchases: considered reasonable due to the guaranteed pricing and reduced processing time.
B) Professional service purchases: the professional services information sheet (PSIS) form is required instead.
C) Prepaid Debit Card purchases (Supplier ID# PPDC in EFS): this process applies to the Paying Human Subjects policy and procedures rather than the Purchasing Goods and Services Policy.

1. Answer the form's questions depending on how your department selected the supplier.
2. At the end of the form, click <Submit>. Doing so will email the completed form to you as a PDF attachment.
3. Forward the email and the PDF attachment to the EFS requisition preparer or procurement specialist (if a PO change order).
4. The EFS preparer must download the form from the email, then attach the PDF into the EFS transaction’s header level comments.
5. Approvers will review the EFS transaction and form to ensure the purchase adheres to policy.

Questions? Email Purchasing Services at:

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