CharFac/UIC/NMP workshop - From Nano to Micro Probes: Advanced Characterization Methods
Event Timing: Mon 28 August - Tues 29 August, 2017
Event Address: 108 Mechanical Engineering -- University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus
Contact us at:, using subject "workshop"

This workshop features nanostructural characterization capabilities of the Characterization Facility (CharFac) and of the University Imaging Centers (UIC). The workshop is made of:
* lectures in the mornings for all (free; about 80 spots available) and
* demonstrations in the afternoons for a subset of the attendees (THE DEMONSTRATION SIGNUP IS PRACTICALLY FULL, BUT WE ARE COLLECTING A LIST FOR ANY SPOTS THAT MIGHT BECOME AVAILABLE, AND ALSO FOR INVITATION IF THERE IS A FUTURE SET OF DEMONSTRATIONS; fee applies; lunch provided; only 25 spots available)

Participation both days is strongly encouraged so that you get a comprehensive overview of nanostructural characterization methods available. The lectures are pre-requisite for the demonstrations.
* If you are from industry, we hope that this will help you convey to your colleagues, management, and direct-reports a full perspective.
* If you are a graduate student or postdoc, we hope that this comprehensive overview will serve you well in making decisions in your own research and in advising others throughout your early career. This workshop may be especially useful for graduate students beginning their second year.
* For all, we hope that this helps you make more effective decisions in your engagement in nanostructural characterization!

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Do you want to sign up for the afternoon demonstrations (25 spots max; fee payable upon confirmation of your spot)*
Do you want to sign up for demonstrations? THE AUGUST 2017 DEMONSTRATIONS ARE PRACTICALLY FULL - WE ARE COLLECTING NAMES FOR A WAITLIST, IF SPOTS BECOME AVAILABLE, AND FOR ANY POSSIBLE FUTURE DEMONSTRATIONS) (25 spots max; fee payable upon confirmation of your spot)*?
* We will send an email to confirm your spot and to gather more info. At that time, a fee will be payable to help cover CharFac/UIC expenses (instrument time, preparation, lunch, and distributed materials going along with the demo's).
The fee is as follows:
For industry participants:
o $200 if from an IPrime company
o $400 if from a non-IPrime company
For CharFac/UIC grad-student/postdoc users
o $50
Other – consult Joel Overlander at the CharFac
If demand exceeds availability, a later alternative might be scheduled; participation in the lecture portion of this workshop would be pre-requisite.
Refunds are available for cancellations only before Aug. 15.
I understand that if I reserve a demo spot a fee will be payable at the time that my spot is confirmed. I understand that that fee is refundable only if I cancel by August 15.
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