Core Technology Skills
for University of Minnesota Extension Personnel

This document outlines core technology skills, or minimum skills required for excellent performance, for all Extension personnel. This document is intended as a guide for personal growth and goal discussions.

Every position in Extension requires use of technology. This list of core technology skills includes measurable skills and knowledge related to Extension work that are important for organizational success and personal performance. The skills relate to use of computers, technology literacy, attitude, and awareness.

The goal of this list is to provide directions for new areas of learning and growth, assist personnel and supervisors to identify any knowledge gaps, and identify areas where training is necessary. This list will also be used to guide the organizational training plan and offerings.

If you can check off everything in your position's section of the Core Technology Skills checklist, Extension Technology will issue you the following super cool digital badge:

This document will be reviewed by Extension Technology and its advisory committee annually each October.

All Staff Core Tech Skills

Support Staff Core Tech Skills

Key Tech Contact (Regional) Staff
Core Tech Skills

Program Staff Core Tech Skills

Supervisory Staff Core Tech Skills

last updated July 2017

Accessible via http://z.umn.edu/umnexttechskills

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