Proctor Request
All Michigan Engineering students are placed upon their honor during all examinations, written quizzes, computer questions, homework, laboratory reports, and any other work turned in for credit, as required by the instructor. Online students often take paper-based exams with a proctor, unless the exams are take-home or online.

-If you are taking more than one course, please submit a form for each one.

-If your proctor has changed, please submit a new form and email

-Who can be my proctor?
Acceptable Proctors
A work supervisor
HR representative or training coordinator
College or university instructors
Public librarians
School teachers, administrators, counselors or librarians
Educational service officers on military installations
American school officials at overseas facilities

Unacceptable Proctors
Fellow students
Business associates

If you have any issues, please contact

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On-Campus Exam
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