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Fall 2017 Course! Complete application by no later than August 15, 2017. Required application materials are:
1) Participant's application (to be completed by the applicant)
2) Participant's resume (to be submitted by the applicant)
3) Supervisor statement of support form (this form)

Supervisors with more than one applicant, please complete one statement of support form for each staff member.

Supervisor Requirements
Supervisors must commit to the following in support of the applicant/participant:
(1) Ensure the applicant/participant will be permitted time to attend all 7 in-person classes, complete all in between sessions assignments, and the capstone projects;
(2) Participate in training evaluation activities;
(3) Support the participant with tasks assigned in between sessions, including in-person meetings as necessary;
(4) Complete the online Supervisor Statement of Support form (this form);
(5) Provide shortcode and approve course fee of $400;
(6) Attend an in-person Supervisor's Orientation meeting (please hold September 12, 2017 from 1:00-2:00 pm for this meeting. Meeting will be held at Wolverine Tower).
Your Name
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Your College/School/Unit
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Your Department (enter "NA" if not applicable)
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Your Title
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Your Email Address
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Supervisor Statement of Support
A supervisor's statement of support is required along with the participant's online application and professional resume. The supervisor should include the following information regarding his/her staff member:
Staff Member's Name (applicant)
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Describe how you, and your school/college/unit will benefit if your staff is selected to attend this program.
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Resources: Describe some of the resources currently available in your unit to support the career development and learning of the applicant. If no resources, then enter "NA". Resources may include: mentors, coaches, training courses at your unit, written policies or documentation, job shadowing.
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Staff Member (Applicant) Information
Pre-Award Administration. Please indicate percentage of effort and level of experience the applicant works on Pre-Award tasks. Example: Solicitation/RFP Review; Budget and Justifications, Personnel in Research, Processing the PAF in eRPM, etc.
Applicant Pre-Award Level of Experience
Post-Award Administration. Please indicate percentage of effort and level of experience the applicant works on Post-Award tasks. Example: Project Grant Set-Up, Project Management, Financial Reconciliation, Reporting and Analysis, Working with Sub-Contracts, Project Close out, etc.
Applicant Post-Award Level of Experience
Briefly describe applicant's job duties.
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Please enter anything else you would like to share about the applicant and his/her current job responsibilities and experience.
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Supervisor Commitment
Agreeing with the statement below indicates that you have reviewed and agreed to the program requirements and program course fee in support of your staff member's participation.
I understand and agree to the requirements outlined in this Supervisor Statement of Support form.
Enter the shortcode number to pay the course fee of $400. Note: There will be no charges unless your staff is selected to attend the course.
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