OPT/STEM OPT Employer Update
As an F-1 student or graduate on OPT or STEM OPT, your F-1 immigration record must always reflect your current employer information. As specific details about your employer are required to comply with immigration requirements, please fill this online form completely.

You are welcome to include a copy of your offer letter with the new company if you like, though this is not required.

The IES office will update your I-20 with your employer details and mail the new I-20 to you at the address you indicate.

Thanks, and please reach out to ies@umbc.edu with any questions!

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Staffing Agencies/Consulting Companies
If you receive a paycheck from one company, such as a staffing agency or consulting company, but physically work at a different company or client location, please use the space below to provide names and addresses for BOTH companies.
Name of company that pays you
Address of company that pays you
Name of client company (where you physically work)
Address of client company (where you physically work)
You must complete this section if you're on the STEM extension
Please remember that we cannot update your SEVIS record with your new employer information until we receive a completed I-983 Training Plan, available here: http://ies.umbc.edu/stem-opt-information-and-application/

If you are not currently on the STEM OPT Extension, you should not submit the I-983 Training Plan; it is ONLY for students who have completed their first year of OPT and begun the STEM OPT extension.

You can upload your I-983 Training Plan here or email it to ies@umbc.edu
Employer's EIN tax ID number (required only for STEM extension)
Employer's E-Verify ID (required only for STEM extension)
Previous job information
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End date of my previous OPT job
Company name of previous OPT job
How should we get your new I-20 to you?
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You can also indicate "pick up from IES office" if you prefer
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