Non-Disclosure Agreement Request Form
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Company Name:
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Will you be disclosing proprietary/confidential information?
Will the Other Party be disclosing proprietary/confidential information?
Provide a short description or summary of the proprietary/confidential information you will be sharing with the other Party.
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Are there other University faculty, staff, or students that will be in the discussion(s)?
If yes, please list their names and indicate if any are students.
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Are the students paid employees?
Is the NDA related to a Sponsored Research Agreement?
If yes, please provide name of sponsor/project.
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Are you disclosing export controlled information?
Are you receiving export controlled information?
Estimate the start date (i.e. date of first meeting/planned interaction with proprietary information exchange)
Note: If there are any materials or samples that will be shared or transferred, a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be needed.
Please go to OTD and complete a request form. Thank you!
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