Please copy and retain the information here for future reference. All student enrolled must show they have taken or are taking advanced patho. to take this course. All students enrolling in NU615 online Advanced health assessment: Adult focus - responsible for completing this Google web form in detail. You will need to complete a minimum of 65 hours of clinical hands on experience with a MD or NP preceptor who will assist you with gaining the skills and knowledge to assess patients in a primary care setting. Your objectives include developing competence in arriving at differential diagnosis of common primary care problems related to systems studied in your course using the Bates Assessment Text with a focus on abnormals. Ideally 6 hours a week will give you the best exposure, and allows you time to study and learn how to document your findings using appropriate anatomical terminology and accepted descriptors. History taking is a paramount skill that you will focus on developing during this experience Ideal placement is an outpatient primary care setting that you can continue in for nu680 practicum PC of the family Practicum II care of adults Your agency placement cannot be processed without all of the information needed for the working agreement as noted below. You must work to obtain a placement and enter this information no later than TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE COURSE STARTS to assure time to process paper work. YOU MUST be registered for this course in order to have your paper work processed. YOU CAN NOT BEGIN YOUR CLINICAL if a working agreement is not signed. Regarding your clinical placement, we urge you to act in an immediate manner to enter the information requested below, as it can take up to two months to obtain a signed working agreement. YOU CANNOT BEGIN YOUR CLINICAL if this working agreement is not signed. AN EXAMPLE of the working agreement that will be sent by the Program Assistant to the agency can be found via WIKISPACES: LINK TO WIKISPACES: sign in with your UMB email and password. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE ONLY FOR THE FACILITY TO REVIEW TO DETERMINE IF THEY WILL AGREE TO THE TERMS IN THE AGREEMENT. An original working agreement will be sent to the agency after you enter the clinical site/preceptor data below. If you need to make placement corrections or re-enter the information, please send an email to the Program Assistant stating that the form has been updated with a new entry. Again, you may share a copy with the agency to determine if they will agree to sign it, if so, then this will speed the process: if not you should consider finding another placement as legal review can take months and hold up your start of clinical. Send your resume to either or label the file with lastnamefirstname ResNU615SPRING2014.doc All files sent to faculty must be saved and sent in this format or they will be returned to you Library Access is required for this course: Online students or students taking classes off-campus, may telephone theCirculation Desk at 617-287-5900 to be assigned a barcode over the phone. They may also email Please be sure to include your first and last name; and your UMS number so we can properly identify you in our system. A barcode number will be e-mailed to you. All online and off-campus classes will be verified by the circulation staff. *** CLINICAL SITE SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS*** A. STUDENTS WHO DESIRE TO DO A CLINICAL AT MGH (MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL) must have their information submitted to MGH PRIOR to the start of the semester. Please email the Department Assistant and the Program Director if you desire to do your clinical at MGH. B. STUDENTS in the STATE OF LOUISIANA - LA: ****PLEASE EMAIL the PROGRAM ASSISTANT and PROGRAM DIRECTOR IF YOU RESIDE IN LOUISIANA. YOU WILL NEED TO DO YOUR CLINICAL OUTSIDE OF LA IN ANOTHER STATE.*** You will be given notice when your working agreement has been sent to the agency via your UMB Student email account by the Program Assistant. You will also be notified by email when the working agreement (WA) is signed and returned to us from the facility. IF YOU DO NOT HEAR FROM US WITHIN THREE WEEKS WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU CONTACT THE AGENCY YOURSELF CONCERNING THE SIGNATURES NEEDED ON THE WORKING AGREEMENT. OFTEN TIMES THESE AGENCY FOLKS FORGET TO SEND THEM BACK SO WE ARE ASKING YOU TO ASSIST US. All clinical hours must be completed by the end of the term, if not you must ask for an INC grade and must be in good academic standing in the course to get an INC grade. An INC form must be sent via mail to the faculty for signature and then forwarded on to the college to be placed in your file. Request the form from the course faculty, YOU MUST FILL IT OUT, HAVE THE FACULTY SIGN IT AND THEN SEND IT ON TO UMASS. INCLUDE SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE WHEN DEALING WITH THESE ISSUES TO EXPEDITE THE PROCESS. You have 30 days to complete the clinical after the course ends. All students not complying with the course policies will be at risk for failing if they do not submit logs and soap notes as requested. Please provide your preceptor and agency director with copies of your license, CPR, health insurance card, resume, and immunization history. We do not send such copies to the agency copies of course syllabus and evaluation tool. We do provide the agency with a copy of the school liability insurance which covers your malpractice practice insurance for this clinical only. Send a copy of your resume to and to Dr. Ouzts at Please name the doc file as: < yourname.ResumeNU615Spring2013doc >. Note all files sent to faculty during the term must be named with your name purpose of document and date. Please help us by providing this requested naming of your files sent to us on line. Thanks so much. Make note of this information here: ( books and times for Wimba sessions will be posted at this link above also see Spring2013 Courses: Also keep a copy of the academic calendar below and retain for reference: Please note evidence of your clinical patient encounters will be kept in eLogs You will be using an electronic log submission format called eLogs supplied by the CNHS. In order to access eLogs, your name and preceptor information will TEMPORARILY be submitted to Dr. Rod Hicks directly ( by using the PRECEPTOR data that you've provided via this Google form. So please fill out all information: contact name, complete address, email, phone and fax for the clinical site/preceptor. Dr. Hicks will email you directly with your user name and password for elogs. You should take the tutorial and learn how to use the program which also involves coding. A coding program is posted in your Black Board Web site written by Dr. Carolyn Buppert. Do not attempt to get eLogs access until after the 15th of September. Please find directions below if you plan to take the tour of eLogs. To review the program see below. eLogs tutorial <> click on graduate program Student log in: Roast password is TOUR then LOG OUT Grades: No grades are sent in the mail; find all final grades posted in Wiser. Grades are withheld if you have an outstanding bill with the registrar. Grades may or may not be posted in Web Ct. this is the preference of the faculty member. View you WA content submission here and the status of your working agreement: right side of screen: Please be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct: and the Student Handbook posted on the home page of your course and can be found at: ***STUDENTS TAKE NOTICE*** 1) EACH FIELD WITHIN THIS FORM MUST BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY AND ACCURATELY WITH NO MISSING INFORMATION. OTHERWISE, IT WILL CAUSE A DELAY IN WORKING AGREEMENTS BEING SENT AND PUT INTO PLACE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ALL OF THE PRECEPTORS INFORMATION, DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM UNTIL YOU DO. EACH OF YOUR PRECEPTOR'S INFORMATION (INCLUDING PHONE, FAX AND EMAIL ADDRESS) SHOULD BE SUBMITTED VIA THIS FORM NO LATER THAN TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE START OF THIS COURSE OR YOU WILL IMPACT COMPLETING YOUR CLINICAL HOURS BY THE END OF THE SEMESTER. 2) IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH THE WORKING AGREEMENT, SUCH THAT IT INVOLVES AGENCY TO AGENCY ATTORNEY NEGOTIATION OF TERMS, STUDENTS SHOULD SECURE AN ALTERNATIVE CLINICAL SITE IMMEDIATELY. THERE IS NO WAY FOR US TO PREDICT HOW LONG THE REVIEW PROCESS WILL TAKE WHEN A WORKING AGREEMENT IS IN REVIEW BETWEEN AGENCY ATTORNEYS. THEREFORE, IT IS EACH STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO BE PROACTIVE IN SELECTING AN ALTERNATE CLINICAL SITE IF NECESSARY. Please note: You are NOT legally permitted to begin your clinical experience at the agency, until the College of Nursing and Health Sciences has received the signed working agreement from the agency. Under no circumstances can a student begin their clinical without our office’s receipt of this legal agreement. Otherwise, your clinical hours are unauthorized and therefore they will not count towards your course. Special Note: 1)You have up until ONE WEEK BEFORE the course starts to supply us with your clinical site information requested here in order to allow sufficient time for processing paper work. 2) Students who reside in the State of Massachusetts (MA) must be medically/CORI cleared by Ms. Janet Craven before starting your clinical experience. Please see the attached memo and contact Janet directly: Course Description: The course focuses on the development of advanced practice nursing skills in health assessment for urban populations. Concepts, theories and research on human development, anticipatory guidance, prevention and early detection of risk factors and disease are emphasized. Critical thinking, diagnostic reasoning and communication skills are developed through practice with case guided vignettes and simulated practice experiences specific to the student’s area of advanced practice nursing in the clinical laboratory setting with direct preceptor supervision and evaluation. Course Objectives: Upon completion of the course, the learner will 1. Apply theoretical models in culture, nursing, and health promotion, to the process of advanced practice nursing care of diverse populations at risk. 2. Demonstrate advanced health assessment skills that are both age-appropriate and problem focused. 3. Interpret health assessment data and formulate a differential diagnosis. 4. Apply evidence-based research to the early identification of individuals/populations at risk for common health problems. Books Required for this course and those which you will use during your program of study to become an NP or CNS 1. Bickley. L, (2008) Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, North American Edition, Tenth Ed. Pub Date: December 2008. ISBN-10: 0-7817-8058-6. ISBN-13: 978-0-7817-8058 2. Chase, S. (2004) Clinical Judgment and Communication in Nurse Practitioner Practice. Philadelphia: FA Davis. ISBN-13: 978-0-8036-0797-2. ISBN-10: 0-8036-0797 3. Bakerman, S., Bakerman, P., & Strausbauch, P. (2002). Bakerman’s ABCs of Interpretive laboratory Data 4th ed. purchase on line or use subscription version available at: 4. Mengel, M., & Schwiebert, L. Family Medicine: Ambulatory Care and Prevention. Fifth Ed. (Lange Clinical Medicine) 5. Hicks, R. W., & Seiber, D. C. (2011). The Comprehensive Health History and Physical Examination: A Lifespan 6. Headset for your computer with a microphone: Labtec or other good quality set is recommended 7. On line library access http://www.lib/ see this link on how to obtain library access from your home computer: 1. If you need an article not available in UMass library data bases: email reference for your request 1. 8. Free medical journals on line 1. 9. Comprehensive reference to learning lab and diagnostic testing 10. Annotated bib sites 1. 2. Strongly Recommended 1. Bickley, L. (2008) Bates’ Pocket Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking. Sixth Edition. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. Pub Date: December 2008. ISBN-10: 0-7817-8066-7. ISBN-13: 978-0-7817-8066-7 2. Gonzeles, R., & Kutner, J. S. (2008) Current Practice Guidelines in Primary Care. Lange Medical Books. 3. LeBlond, R, Brown, D.D., & DeGowin, R. L. (2008). Degowin’s Diagnostic Exam (9th ed.), McGraw Hill ISBN 0071478981 / 9780071478984
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