InKind Consulting 2017 Consultant Application
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InKind consists of 2 programs:

1. Consulting teams

You and 3 - 5 other consultants will work with one of our clients to solve a problem they have. The team project will last for about 5 months and will require at least 3 hours a week to be completed successfully. You must attend the InKind training event (event time and date TBD). At this event, you will choose which client you want to work with and teams will form.

2. Consulting round-table

If you do not have time to work with a team, you can become one of our round-table consultants. Throughout the Fall and Spring semester, we will have clients come in, present their problem and you will suggest plans of actions in real time. Some clients will come in and pitch new product ideas and this round-table will act like a focus group. There is no future commitment but a team can be formed afterwards to further work with the client.

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