ASM 4M 2015-2016 Self Evaluation of Culminating Activity
You are going to evaluate yourself and your final project.
My name
last name, first name
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My group members if any
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Briefly describe some pre-production work you did for the final project
Ie. storyboard, rough notes, sketches, typed ideas out, researched online (YouTube) Write down as much as possible.
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What issues came up when filming or producing your final project? What didn't go according to plan? How would you do things differently if you had another chance?
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Using iMovie, Flash or Dragonframe can be tricky at times. What were some things you liked about editing your film in iMovie, or Dragonframe or Flash? What didn't you like? What would have made your film better? If you didn't use any of this software, what did you find was difficult during post-production?
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Rate yourself
Give yourself a mark, based on the amount of work you did, and how happy you are with your final project.
I mostly played games and was on Facebook
I did so much work, this final project is incredible!
Rate others that worked with you on this project.
Write down the names of people in your group, if any, and give them a mark, 1 being the lowest, and 10 the highest. A 10 is for a student that did more than their fair share of the work. Let me know if someone did most of the work.
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