Resignation Request Form
Please use this form to resign from United Federation Starfleet. Please understand that this is not a Leave of Absence. If you are seeking to take a temporary leave from UFS, you will need to fill in

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Name *
Please provide your name (as registred in the UFS Membership Database)
Your Starfleet Security Code (SSC) *
Your membership number as shown in the UFS Membership Database
Your email *
email you use for UFS related matters
Duty Assignement *
The ship you are currently serving on (put unassigned if you are not assignd to a ship of the line)
Informed your Commanding Officer? *
Did you inform your Commanding Officer of your intended resignation from UFS?
Date your Resignation goes into effect *
Date your Resignation goes into effect
Please state the reason for leaving UFS *
Please be honest so that we can try to solve any problems you are facing. Your answer will remian confidential
Final Confirmation *
I understand that by checking the box blow I am announcing my resignation from UFS. I understand I will no longer hold any priviledges of membership and will not have access to any resources offred by th group. Furthermore, I understand that if I ever want to return to UFS, I will do so at a lower rank than I currently hold. Finally, I agree that none of the materials I created during my membership will be removed from any portion of the website
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