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PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY • Submissions are due by Wednesday, November 13 • You may propose a poster or a talk (or a series of talks) • Have all information ready before filling out this form • If you have questions after reading this form, email • Be sure to hit "Submit" at the very bottom of the form when you're finished
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If you are proposing a poster, propose it in this section. If you are proposing a talk or a series of talks, go to that section below. Note: You are responsible for printing your poster. You may use multiple sheets of paper instead of a single, large sheet. For a sense of what a poster presentation is, Google-image "poster presentation examples"


1) If you're proposing an individual talk, complete the info for "Talk #1" 2) If you're proposing a series of individual talks, you may either enter them all here or have each one submitted separately • If a series has more than six talks, please complete subsequent forms as needed, and indicate the same Series Title • If individual talks within a group are submitted separately, make sure that the same Series Title is used for them all • All talks or series of talks for any one course or instructor will be scheduled sequentially, unless otherwise specified 3) If you're proposing a session with multiple speakers without individual titles, complete the info for "Talk #1" • Note: Enter all names in list form (using commas between names) in the Speaker(s) and Author(s) box 4) Requests for media equipment and additional comments can be submitted at the bottom of this page

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If you have questions or further information, please contact Prof. Bauer at the email address at the top of this form

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