Reimbursement Submissions
Hi! Please fill out this google form if you are submitting a reimbursement request that does not involve a budget.
(For budgets, click here:

Hi:) Here are the steps to submitting a reimbursement request:
1. Email the receipts of your purchase to (preferably all receipts in one email)
2. Fill out this google form:
3. Send me a fb message/slack/email to notify me! I don't want to miss any requests because time is money ;)

Reimbursements will be processed every other weekend, starting week 2 (so week 2,4,6,8,10). Please submit requests accordingly. Tyty :)

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If you are a board member, will this be coming out of your positional budget? *
If you are not a board member, what are you a part of and what is your position?
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