Database Searching Practice
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What topics does ABC Clio generally cover? *
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Search all of the available databases within ABC Clio for the Renaissance and look at the results in the World History Ancient and Medieval Eras. Look for an article titled "Northumbrian Renaissance" and give one fact about the Renaissance that you found.
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What topics does CultureGrams generally cover? *
Open the "World Edition" of CultureGrams and search for the country Chad in Africa. How many ethnic groups does the article say live in Chad? *
What topics does Points of View Reference Center generally cover? *
Open Points of View Reference Center and name one topic you see that interests you. *
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True/False - I can read full text books on EBSCO Host. *
True/False - I can read full text magazine/newspaper articles on EBSCO Host. *
True/False - I can listen to full length songs/musical pieces on EBSCO Host. *
NCWiseOwl *
Go to NCWiseOwl and click on the Science Reference Center. Search for "climate". How many results populated?
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Discovery Education is MOSTLY used to view what? *
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Gale *
Go to Gale Primary Sources. Which database looks most interesting to you or most helpful to you? TELL ME WHY!!
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NCLive *
Go to NCLive. To login you may have to choose "Union County Public Library" and use the password "dateinto". Search for a topic that is interesting to you and paste the link to the article here.
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