PATH Coordinator 2016 Application
The deadline for completed applications is Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at noon.

*Communications and Marketing & Recruitment coordinator are currently the only two positions available for application

PATH Mission Statement

Through mentoring, Peer Allies through Honors provides positive and engaging opportunities for all students to successfully transition to college life. Students will develop academically, socially, and personally by networking with their peers in a supportive and motivating community. Participation in this program will enhance leadership skills as well as provide opportunities for active involvement within the Honors Program and the University of Connecticut.

PATH Goals

• Provide students with a solid foundation to succeed at the University of Connecticut and the Honors Program.
• Provide students the opportunity to connect with, and be an active part of, the Honors Program’s community.
• Provide opportunities for incoming freshmen to interact with their Honors peers from different majors and semester standings.
• Provide leadership opportunities for Honors students through mentorship.
• Provide peer support for academics and research opportunities.

Student Coordinator Qualifications

• Second semester standing or higher WHEN STARTING POSITION
• Must be in good standing with the University and the Honors Program
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the University of Connecticut and the Honors Program
• Interest in working with current Honors students
• Willingness to work as part of a team
• Flexibility in scheduling
• Available for a year-long appointment beginning January 2017-December 2017

Coordinators share the following responsibilities:

• Program assessments
• Event planning and participation
• Correspondence with mentors/mentees and the Honors Program
• Student Coordinator and mentor selection
• One office hour held in the Honors Office per week
• Attendance at weekly coordinator meetings

Event Coordinator

• Documents all events including critical tasks, timelines, attendance and evaluation of events
• Works with all coordinators to determine next steps and action items
• Oversees event logistics and delegates related tasks; oversees completion of delegated responsibilities
• Assigns point person to oversee logistics in case of absence

Peer Ally Relations

• “Task master” for pairings over the summer
• Resolves issues throughout year, including re-pairings of mentors and mentees and new program additions
• Receives reports from communications coordinator upon receiving emails addressing pairing issues
• Creates and maintains PATH pairings database for all mentors and mentees and contact information
• Keeps track of attendance at events


• Oversees PATH e-mail account and respond to messages or forwards them accordingly
• Records RSVP’s for events when needed
• Works with Peer Ally to notify of issues/re-pairing needs
• Conducts survey at the end of each semester to see effectiveness of program
• Send out all event invitations and updates

Marketing and Recruitment

• Maintains brochure, handbook, and all applications/forms
• Creates and distributes publicity for all recruitment, events, and activities
• Prepares Freshman Orientation materials
• Advertises and promotes events

Program Manager

• Oversees that coordinator team is functioning as a cohesive unit and facilitates communication
• Sets and oversees master calendar for selection processes, application deadlines and events
• Oversees weekly coordinator meeting by creating agendas, minutes, and task lists
• Assists all other coordinators with miscellaneous tasks as needed
• Assist Peer Ally Relations coordinator with mentor/mentee pairing concerns

*Communications and Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator are currently the only two positions available for application

Which position are you interested in? "Communications" and "Marketing and Recruitment" are the positions currently available.
Preferred phone number
Month/Year of Grad
Interview Availability for November 11th – November 17th (Please include every weekday and time):
Please discuss the following topics in detail.
Please explain your qualifications for the coordinator role you are applying for.
Please describe your involvement in PATH.
New ideas for events/programs that would enhance mentoring relationships. (What would you change?)
Please explain your leadership experience and how it would benefit the student coordinator position.
References: Please list two references (may include professors, advisors, and employers, but please no references from students)
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The deadline for completed applications is Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at noon.
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