Graduate Follow-up Survey Form

Each year the Career Services Center produces an Annual Report that provides statistics and information on the successes of our graduates. This information is shared with the colleges and departments on campus. More importantly, students contact our office each day concerning the status of the job market, what salaries they can expect after graduation, and what fields are in demand. As a recent graduate of the University of Central Missouri, you have valuable information that can assist these students. Please complete and submit this form; any information will be tabulated and included in the our Annual Report. The information we receive will be used in several ways, but your individual comments and salary will be kept confidential. The Career Services Center appreciates your cooperation and wishes you continued success. If our office can assist you now or in the future, please do not hesitate to call. We can be reached at (660) 543-4985.
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Employment Status

Current Employment Information

If unemployed, survey is complete. Office of Career Services is available at 660-543-4985 to assist you with your employment needs.

Note: Salary information is kept confidential and used only for computing averages.

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