Request Form for a Professional Writing Intern
Complete this form to request a student intern to work on writing-related tasks for your organization. The UC Davis University Writing Program Internship Coordinator will review your request and contact you regarding next steps. You can find more information about the Professional Writing Internship program here:
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Name the type of internship you are offering (e.g., science writing, journalism, digital communications).
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Internship Location *
List where the intern will complete internship work (onsite, offsite, combination of both?).
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Identify the person who will serve as the intern supervisor. Provide name, title, email address, and phone number.
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Academic Quarters Offered *
Check the academic quarters in which you hope to offer the internship.
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Select the number of academic units this internship will offer students during a given quarter.
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Describe your organization and the kinds of writing-related tasks that this internship will entail.
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List the responsibilities and expectations of the intern.
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List desired skills and experience.
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Application Process *
Explain the process by which students should apply. Include (at a minimum) the application deadline, list of materials to submit, and method for applying (e.g., Aggie Job Link, email with attachments), name and email address of application contact person.
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