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Please review the following proposed recommendation based on the ICA WG meeting yesterday, 5/18. This is intended to capture the feedback from yesterday into a simplified request that is linked to the tasks of the ICA Working Group per the DRP ACR. If you don’t agree, please note in the comments section below along with any suggestions/concerns by COB Monday, May 23rd. This email is being sent to the over 50 participants on this week’s ICA WG meeting and your comments will be visible to all on the email to ensure transparency*. MTS will compile the comments as we discussed and send a summary to the ICA WG by COB Wed, May 25th.

Context for Recommendation:

Page 18 of the May 2nd ACR describes the purpose of ICA WG; "the working group serves two main purposes: (1) Monitor and Support Demonstration A and (2) Continue to Improve and refine the ICA methodology." The IOUs see exploration of detailed iterative approaches as a possible improvement and refinement to ICA which we are looking to be explored in the demo through a comparative assessment. For additional background addressing key questions on yesterday’s call, please see the background Q/A PDF attached to the email.

Proposed Recommendation:

"The ICA WG respectfully requests the CPUC clarify or make changes to the May 2nd DRP ACR to allow the utilities to use alternative methods (i.e. streamlined approach and iterative approach) in Demonstration A to allow the ICA Working Group to evaluate the comparative effectiveness of the alternatives. This comparative assessment in Demonstration A will inform and enable an ICA WG recommendation on ICA improvements to the CPUC that could be adopted in a Q1 2017 ICA Decision consistent with the ICA WG tasks in the ACR."

*Responses are viewable after submission. Only Name, Organization and email are required to see responses.

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