Metabolomics Sample Information Sheet
Here are some helpful guidelines for submitting your samples to the West Coast Metabolomics Center. Completing these steps will provide us with all the information we need for analysis and help us process your samples quickly.

1) Create an account at, including purchase order #, UC Davis DAFIS account #, or credit card # to be recharged.

2) Fill out the sample information sheet below.

3) Ship your samples to the address below. Please be sure to include a sample list using our template and have your name and lab on the package.

UC Davis Genome Center
Metabolomics Central Service Core
attn: Kelly Paglia
451 Health Science Drive Room 1212
Davis CA 95616
Phone: 1-530-752-8129

4) Please contact with any questions.

Thank you!
West Coast Metabolomics Center

Which platforms or assays will be used ? *
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Contact Information
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Sample Information
Please tell us a little about your samples
What species is your sample from? *
Please also include common names
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What organ did your sample come from? *
If cell or yeast pellets from no particular organ simply say "cells"
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How many samples are you sending? *
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How much material is in each sample? *
Please consult with us if you have questions
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Please describe how your samples were prepared before sending to our lab. *
The more details you can give us the better!
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Study Information
This will help us with the data processing of your samples
Please submit a short abstract of your study *
Please describe your hypothesis, overall goal of the study, subjects (i.e. species), sample preparation and treatment. This should give experts and non-experts a better overview of your study. Length: 100-200 words
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Number of treatments *
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Number of samples per treatment group *
We recommend at least 6
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Please describe all treatments
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How should we run your samples? *
If other, please explain.
Please give us any additional notes or information that might be helpful to us in analyzing your sample.
eg. "we are looking for anthocyanins" additional requests etc
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Shipping Information *
If you already have the tracking number please complete below!!
Tracking Number
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How will you pay for these services? Include any special instructions. *
Please write the name under the Genome Core Services profile and your method of payment: your account number, Credit card (no number and exp date for now), or Purchase Order ID.
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