DCM 19 Crew Application
Thank you for your interest in being a volunteer for DCM 19! If you would like to be a part of the DCM Crew (aka volunteers) please fill out the application below. In exchange for your time, you will receive a free festival pass and access to the party space throughout the weekend.

***Please keep in mind that our festival runs 24 hours each day and you may be asked to volunteer during a late night shift. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applicants we receive, we can not guarantee a spot, for all who apply.***

If you have any issues, while completing this application, or if your availability changes, please email dcmcrew@ucbcomedy.com. Please DO NOT e-mail with inquiries as to when you will get your shift assignment.

Thank you for for taking the time to fill out the application. We will be in touch with you at a later date.

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Marathon Availability
Please list any schedule conflicts for the following dates/times during the festival. (eg: DCM shows, work schedule). If you do not have any conflicts, and are available at any time, please simply write: No conflicts.
Monday-Thursday 6:30-Midnight *
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Friday, June 23rd (8am-11:59pm) *
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Saturday, June 24th (12:00am-11:59pm) *
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Sunday, June 25th (12:00am-4:00am Monday) *
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Have you Volunteered for DCM before? *
If yes, please list the years and venues below
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Additional Information
Are you available to work more than one shift this DCM? *
Are you able to lift 50 pounds *
Are you able to stand for long periods of time? *
Are you interested in stage managing? (This entails wrangling the cast of the show that is on deck and directing them quietly to the stage. You must be comfortable being firm with people.)
Have you ever or are you currently a Magnet theater intern?
Do you have any other relevant experience? (Check all that apply)
Please give us a bit more information on your experience with any of the items you checked in the above question!
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Do you have any interest in being a specialized volunteer for any of the following departments?
Why do you want to be a part of DCM this year? *
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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application!
If chosen, we will be getting back to you within the next few weeks with your shift assignment.
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