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Software Developer
The Company
Uber5 tackles complex software challenges by building backends, web apps and
mobile apps. Our main satisfaction comes from successfully deployed, useful
and usable software that has been built in collaboration with those that need

Uber5 has long-term relationships with its clients, guiding them in technology
related decisions, and building and maintaining some or all of their custom
built software. Understanding clients' needs and supporting them optimally is
key for Uber5.

Uber5 is the right place for you if
You love writing code that works and has purpose
You enjoy life, but accept having to work hard from time to time to meet due dates
Uber5 expects you to
Work in teams that consist of both Uber5 people and the client
Be comfortable reporting to an Uber5 director, and be equally responsible to deliver to the client
Ask questions when you get stuck
Get helped and coached by more experienced members of your team
Help and coach less experienced members of your team
Work an average of 40 hours per week
Spend sufficient time with your team, and travel to meet customers from time to time
You demonstrate coding skills that go past a single programming language or paradigm.
You have developed demonstrable software on the web or on mobile, as an individual or in a team, using one or more of JavaScript, Java, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL, MongoDB
You hold a degree in computer science or a related field, or have related experience and education
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