2012 Summer Success and Leadership Academy– Mentor Application

Stockton, CA is home to about 300,000 people, making it the 63rd largest city in our nation. For the past 4 years, Forbes has rated it the most miserable place to live in America. This can partly be attributed to the 63 homicides last year, more than half Latino and African American Youth, or the low rates of educational attainment in the city. As community members are going back to the drawing board and figuring out ways to make our image better, we at the Summer Success and Leadership Academy have been strongly inspired to bring Stockton’s college youth leaders together this summer. By virtue of the reading of this letter, it is apparent that you are not content with the amount of murders taking place in the city. Collectively, we must organize and mobilize ourselves to create positive solutions and evoke change in the Stockton community. What the Summer Success and Leadership Academy is trying to do with youth capacity building and empowerment , is not new. It is what our social justice predecessors have taught us. We must take immediate action. We must use what our Universities have equipped us to do and be; responsible leaders and mentors to our younger leaders in the Stockton community. If you decide to apply to Summer Success and Leadership Academy you will have the opportunity to combine theory of what is learned in class with practice; hands on experience in facilitation, communication, and interpersonal group dynamics-skills needed for success in the business world; intensive leadership training and development before, during, and after the program; and the opportunity to reflect and act on your responsibility as members of the collegiate world. You can apply now by completing this application and turning it in by March 31, 2012. We will select mentors based on: 1) completed application with thoughtful answers; 2) Your letter of recommendation; 3) An interview (applicants will be notified by phone call or mail); and 4) passing Univerisity of the Pacific's background check. SSLA will take place the 3rd week July 2012 but will require your help and participation early than that. Once you are accepted as an academy mentor a list of important dates and deadlines will be sent to you. We look forward to having you on our team! On behalf of the thousands of children in Stockton of who need mentors, Summer Success and Leadership Academy Executive Team
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