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The tenth annual Northwestern University Conference on Human Rights (NUCHR) will take place on Northwestern's Evanston campus from January 17th-20th, 2013. Throughout the three day conference, delegates will explore the complexities behind international and local Peacekeeping. The conference will open with a discussion of the definitions and justifications of Peacekeeping as a form of dealing with international conflicts. Participants of the first panel will present and justify different approaches to international peacekeeping, weighing the pros and cons of each method of Peacekeeping. In the two following panels, experts in the field will discuss issues of immunity and impunity, bureaucratic barriers, political implications, and the creation of conditions for sustaining peace. Additionally, delegates will explore the pros and cons of local Peacekeeping efforts by participating in an experiential learning trip to several Chicago neighborhoods. Finally, delegates will break up into small groups throughout the three days for further discussion on the topics presented. NUCHR, the largest undergraduate student-organized conference on human rights in the United States, is dedicated to promoting the universality of human rights while recognizing the difficulty in consensus, issues of cultural relativism, and the potential paradoxes in implementation and practice. This three-day conference unites student delegates from across the country with renowned activists, academics, and policymakers. We are looking for undergraduate delegates who are passionate about this issue and human rights issues at large. PLEASE APPLY BY 11:59PM ON NOVEMBER 24, 2012. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact NUCHR Mission Statement: Through programming events, seminars, exposure trips and the culminating conference, NUCHR provides an academic arena for critical discourse in order to challenge assumptions and broaden perceptions on international human rights issues at Northwestern and beyond. The three day undergraduate student-organized conference unites student delegates from across the country with distinguished academics, activists and policy-makers from around the globe to address a unique aspect of human rights each year.
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