Play Framework Roadmap

This roadmap is provided for informational purposes and is subject to change. The Play team makes no promises about the delivery of any features by the estimated dates.

If you are interested in working on any of these features or suggesting changes to the roadmap, feel free to open a discussion on the Play discussion forums:

✓ = Completed

Play 2.7

ETA: 2018 Q2

Future releases on the 2.7 branch will aim to make minor improvements, some of which may also appear in 3.0.

gRPC client support

Create and announce

Crosslink documentation to Akka and Lagom

Complete Akka HTTP server backend in Play

Turn-off global state by default

Scala 2.13 Support

Improve Java 9 & 10 compatibility

Java API improvements

Akka Coordinated Shutdown

New Cache implementation using Caffeine

Enhanced Content Security Policy

PlayService for minimal applications

Support Java actions without a thread-local Context

Developer experiences fixes and improvements

Gradle support for Play 2.7

Remove deprecated APIs

Under discussion: Remove support for Scala 2.11 and sbt 0.13

Play 2.6 Released 2017-06-23

ETA: April-May 2017

Scala 2.12 Support

Request/Response modeling

Action APIs



Dependency Injection



Play Cache


Play 3.0

ETA: 2019?, depending on Play team resources

Global state

Request/Response modeling

Java/Scala API separation


Maven Support

Gradle Support