TVHS-Video Announcement Request
Fill out this form if you have an announcement you would like us to include in video/morning announcements.
This form needs to be submitted by 7:30 a.m. 2 (school) days prior to announcement.
We can only make announcements which are school related.
All announcements must be approved by a school staff member.
Your Name
Please provide your name.
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Group Name
What is the name of your club, sport, event, or activity?
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Advisor/Staff Member Name
Please supply the name of the staff member/advisor who is approving this announcement.
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Event Date
What is the date your event is taking place on?
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Contact Phone Number
What number should we call if there is a question about this announcement?
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Write your script exactly as you would like the announcement to be made. Make sure you answer the who, what, when, where and why in your script
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Air Dates and Special Directions
Please choose up to 3 dates you want your announcements to air.
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Video or Graphic Provided
If you have a video or graphic you want us to use in the announcement, email or share it on google drive with Videos must be 30 seconds or less and may be in any of the following file formats (i.e. .wmv [preferred], .mov, .mp4, .avi)
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