TMS-M Boy's PE
Welcome to the new Tuscaloosa Magnet School-Middle Boy's PE webpage.
This year we will be focusing our webpage on individual fitness activities and nutritional choices throughout the week and year. On this page you will be answering questions regarding activities that you are doing both in class, after-school, and at home. The recommended amount of physical activity for everyone is at least 60 minutes per day. You also will be reflecting on personal choices you make regarding nutrition and exercises throughout the week. Be honest with your answers as I want this to be a positive influence on each and every one of your lifestyles. We all have good weeks and bad weeks, and many times it is caused by situations that we have no control over (lack of time, parental choices, etc...) but I want you to still reflect on what you are trying to do to live a healthy and active lifestyle.
What is your name?
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What is your grade?
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How would you rate your physical activity throughout the week (PE included)?
Choose the activity (ies) that represents what you did for the week.
What can you do to increase your amount of physical activity in the coming week?
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Do you feel you made healthy choices in your different meals throughout the week?
What nutritional areas do you think you can improve on in the coming week?
Did you help your family prepare any meals this past week?
If you did, what did you prepare?
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How much water, on average, did you drink each day? (cups)
How much "junk" food do you think you had daily? (serving size of chips, candy, soda)
For the week, was it easier to meet you physical activity goals or nutritional goals?
What was your favorite Health Related Fitness activity that we did in class this week? (or last week if we haven't done any yet)
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What fitness area do you think this activity focused on?
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Why is it important to move your feet when trying to get an open pass, or an open catch? Why are we having so many problems with this in lacrosse?
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