T-Bird Evaluation Form
This evaluation is to be used as a guide to track your improvement as a player. Log your scores and you will receive an email receipt for your records. Work on the various skills and drills throughout the year and track your improvement. We will keep track and see who has the best scores in program history!
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Through the Legs Cross-Over- 30 Seconds
Through the Legs Behind Back- 30 Seconds
Through the Legs Behind Back Cross-Over- 30 Seconds
Passing- 20's Off the Wall, switch every 20 between right hand push, two hand chest and left hand push pass. - 30 Seconds
Mikans in a Minute
Star Shooting- 1 Minute
Spots out of 50
3's in a Row- Start on a make, out on a miss.
Lane Agility- Up the key to elbow, slide across FT, back pedal to block and slide to opposite block. Time it.
3/4 Sprint- Time it.
Rim, Backboard, Net Touches- How many times in a row you can touch your highest point.
Toughness- How long can you sit in a defensive stance?
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