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TRI/O-Tech @ Kafr Qasim
Technology Entrepreneurship School
Tech Entrepreneurship Course #3: Dec 2016 - Mar 2017
About TES – TRI/O Tech Technology Entrepreneurship School
TRI/O Tech is an initiative by Tsofen Hi-Technology Centers in partnership with MIT Enterprise Forum (MIT EF). The project was made possible thanks to the support of the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), US Department of State.

TRI/O Tech Hub includes a Technology Entrepreneurship School (TES) for early stage / aspiring entrepreneurs, and the TRI/O Tech Accelerator that will nourish and support entrepreneurs in their initial steps through consulting, mentoring and providing necessary assistance to the entrepreneurs involved.

TRI/O Tech officially opened on February 10, 2016.The third TES cohort will begin in December 2016.

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Application Details
An approved application is required to enroll in TRI/O-Tech courses, this is to ensure you have the kind of background to benefit from the program. Your application evaluation will take into account both your academic and professional experience.
A typical profile of a candidate to the program will include a BA or BSc, 3-5 years of work experience, management experience and an entrepreneurial spirit.
However, we will also consider candidates that don't match this pattern, to insure a level of diversity in class.
Program participants will be required to attend all class (with minimum exception) and submit all required assignments.
The program is limited to residents of Israel.
Lectures will be given in Hebrew and English.

Please note:
This questionnaire is in English for a number of reasons:

English is the world's language of business, and entrepreneurs in high technology may need to write and present, at time, in English.
Parts of the course will be given in English, including readings and lecture.
Many time, even when the talks are in Hebrew, the accompanying slides will be in English.
However it is worth noting that we assume that our Technology Entrepreneurship School (TES) students will get a chance to improve their English during the time of the course, and a high level master-ship of English is not a prerequisite. You are welcome to ask for assistants of friends in filling the questionnaire, and start working on improving your English in parallel.
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