Bible Questions
How long did it take to create the universe and everything in it? *
Who did God promise to make into a great nation? *
Whose dream did Joseph interpret while in prison? *
What did Moses turn the Nile's water into? *
What animal did Aaron choose to make a golden idol of? *
What did Moses strike to make water flow forth? *
Of the twelve spies sent into Canaan, how many were good? *
Who was the man who redeemed Ruth's family and took her to be his wife? *
Of what tribe of people was Goliath a part? *
What did Solomon ask God for? *
Who did Elijah challenge to prove that their god existed? *
Where were the Israelites taken into captivity for 70 years? *
Who was thrown into a lions' den? *
Who tried to turn King Xerxes against Esther and all the other Jews? *
To what city did God command Jonah to go? *
What was the name of the angel that visited Mary? *
What kind of hair did John the Baptist wear on his body? *
What was Jesus' first miracle? *
How many men with leprosy did Jesus heal when only one came back? *
To whom did Jesus say, "Get behind me, Satan!"? *
The Passover that Jesus and his disciples celebrated began in the days of *
Who was the disciple that betrayed Jesus? *
After Jesus was taken into custody, who wanted him to perform a miracle? *
What was split in two at the death of Jesus? *
Who did Mary Magdalene think Jesus was when she first saw him outside the tomb? *
Who was the first known martyr of Christianity? *
Where was Paul imprisoned? *
Who saw and wrote the Revelation? *
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