Bible Questions
How long did it take to create the universe and everything in it?
Who did God promise to make into a great nation?
Whose dream did Joseph interpret while in prison?
What did Moses turn the Nile's water into?
What animal did Aaron choose to make a golden idol of?
What did Moses strike to make water flow forth?
Of the twelve spies sent into Canaan, how many were good?
Who was the man who redeemed Ruth's family and took her to be his wife?
Of what tribe of people was Goliath a part?
What did Solomon ask God for?
Who did Elijah challenge to prove that their god existed?
Where were the Israelites taken into captivity for 70 years?
Who was thrown into a lions' den?
Who tried to turn King Xerxes against Esther and all the other Jews?
To what city did God command Jonah to go?
What was the name of the angel that visited Mary?
What kind of hair did John the Baptist wear on his body?
What was Jesus' first miracle?
How many men with leprosy did Jesus heal when only one came back?
To whom did Jesus say, "Get behind me, Satan!"?
The Passover that Jesus and his disciples celebrated began in the days of
Who was the disciple that betrayed Jesus?
After Jesus was taken into custody, who wanted him to perform a miracle?
What was split in two at the death of Jesus?
Who did Mary Magdalene think Jesus was when she first saw him outside the tomb?
Who was the first known martyr of Christianity?
Where was Paul imprisoned?
Who saw and wrote the Revelation?
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