Tri-Valley CUSD #3 Course Request Form
Please submit this form for any graduate course in which you wish to earn salary schedule or graduate course credit. All approvals will be made by the district Superintendent. As a reminder, all requests to pursue a Masters degree for credit toward salary advancement must be approved in writing by the Superintendent.

All masters coursework must be in the areas listed in the TVEA contract. Any graduate courses above a masters or courses taken that are not part of an approved Masters degree program as defined by our contract must fall in the categories of curriculum, instruction, or assessment.

Here is that contract language:

2. Educational Advancement

Only the following courses or programs are approved for advancement on the salary schedule:

a. Graduate level courses taught on the Tri-Valley campus as part of an agreement with and
accredited college or university and approved by the Board of Education.

b. Courses which are a part of an approved Master’s Degree Program at an accredited college or
university in an area of content directly related to the teachers current assignment(s) and in
one of the following programs: Teacher Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum and
Technology, Special Education, Reading, Literacy or Principalship.

c. Online Master’s Degree programs which are pre-approved by the Superintendent. Online
programs must be in one of the areas specified in b above.

d. Non-degree of Post-Master’s Degree graduate level courses, which are in the category
curriculum, instruction, or assessment.

e. Other courses or programs that are approved by the Superintendent following a review of a
written application submitted by the teacher.

Teachers must request approval by the Superintendent of any of the courses described above for
advancement on the salary schedule by using the electronic form provided by the District Office.
Requests for Fall and Summer Semester courses must be submitted no later than April 1st, and
requests for Spring Semester must be submitted no later than November 1st. The Superintendent in his
or her sole discretion, may extend the deadline for submission of the form.

Teachers must provide proof of completed coursework no later than September 15th for credit on the
salary schedule in that school year.

Proof of completed coursework must be provided to the unit office by September 15th of each year to be counted toward salary advancement for that year.
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What is the title and course number of the course you wish to take?
What accredited institution is offering the course?
How many graduate hours does this course represent?
Which areas of professional development best represent this course?
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For all courses that are NOT part of an approved Masters program, please include a course description associated with the course. If the information is online, a link to the course description or syllabus can be included.
For all courses that are NOT part of an approved Masters program, please indicate how this course will help you improve curriculum, instruction, or assessment for students you serve at Tri-Valley.
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