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We are trying to understand (and document) how transparent think tank budgets are on where their funds come from. For this your rating is extremely valuable. Essentially, you are an interested citizen, trying to understand who pays for the think tank, and what it does. You should not spend more than 10-12 minutes on trying to find this information.

For the list of think tanks, check the separate list sent to you in the Excel sheet. Note that the financial information typically is under "About".. IMPORTANT: in case you don't find the information elsewhere, definitely look for the annual report. In many cases, this is where the information is.

Thanks for your diligent work on this -- we hope it will improve transparency for many institutions!

Funding Transparency
In this section we examine whether we can find out where a think tank's money comes from. As mentioned, look at the website to try and find this information now.
Your Surname * that we can hold the evaluations apart, once several people do them!
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Name of Think Tank *
Since we are putting several think tanks in this list, please enter the name of the think tank as you received it -- you can copy from Excel. Watch the spelling, so that we can easily sort the spreadsheet later.
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Source for Funding Information
Copy the link with the source of funding info from the think tank website, so that we have the source in hand.
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Ease of Access
How easy was it to find this information?
Funding Transparency: your assessment on how clear it is where money is coming from? *
How do you assess the transparency of income for this think tank? (Note: if much income is membership based, we do not need every member to be listed. We are primarily interested in contributions above 5000 USD)
Information About Organization
Here some information that will make it easy for us to contact the think tanks.
Name of Director
With the listed titles, what is the name of the executive director of the organization? (Say, Professor Evelyn Feelgood.) Specifically look for executive director, or president.
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Contact Email
What is the contact email on the site? We want the generic contact address, such as "".
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Roughly, how many minutes did this take you?
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