GOYA Game Night Lock-In
It's an overnight GOYA game night, to celebrate the coming of summer! Bring your favorite board games and/or a computer along -- we'll set up a LAN, we'll play nine square and bocce ball, and we'll play board games! Each GOYAN should bring a sleeping bag and pillow to sleep in the church, as well as pajamas, toiletries and clothes for church the next day. We'll be grilling up burgers and hot dogs, and GOYANs are invited to bring their favorite snacks and desserts to share. The party starts after Vespers, and ends with the Divine Liturgy the next day.

There will be plenty of non-computer options, but for those who would like to play Starcraft on a local area network, here are some instructions to make things faster and smoother this weekend.

We have chosen Starcraft because:
1) it's fun!
2) it's an 8 player game
3) it's free!
4) low end system requirements
5) works on mac and PC

Please ask your kids to:

1) download and install the game from here: https://starcraft.com/en-us/articles/20674424

windows version:

mac version:

2) Play a few levels to get a feel for the game and how it is played (you don't have to but it will help)

On Saturday bring:
1) your laptop (i will try to have an extra or two)
2) a mouse
3) the charging cable

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Does your child have any food allergies or health issues we need to know about?
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