The Future Is Now

Tecumseh Public Schools

September 12, 2016

Top 10 in 10 Years

  • Michigan ranks in the bottom 5 states for learning progress in 4th grade reading and math
  • Michigan ranks in the bottom 10 states overall in education

To realize Michigan becoming a Top 10 education state within the next 10 years, the existing structure and system of education must be challenged and reshaped. Michigan must establish an educational system that grants indelible rights for all stakeholders to succeed – a system focused more on what is best for children and their learning.

Michigan Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Provide every child access to an aligned, high-quality P-20 system from early childhood to post-secondary attainment – through a multi-stakeholder collaboration with business and industry, labor, and higher education–to maximize lifetime learning and success.

Goal 2: Implement, with strong district and building leadership, high-quality instruction in every classroom through a highly coherent, child-centered instructional model where students meet their self-determined academic and personal goals to their highest potential.

Goal 3: Develop, support, and sustain a high-quality, prepared, and collaborative education workforce.

Goal 4: Reduce the impact of high-risk factors, including poverty, and provide equitable resources to meet the needs of all students to ensure that they have access to quality educational opportunities.

Michigan Strategic Goals

Goal 5: Ensure that parents/guardians are engaged and supported partners in their child’s education.

Goal 6: Create a strong alignment and partnership with job providers, community colleges, and higher education to assure a prepared and quality future workforce, and informed and responsible citizens.

Goal 7: Further develop an innovative and cohesive state education agency that supports an aligned, coherent education system at all levels (state, ISD, district, and school).

Top 10 in 10

Goal #2:

Implement, with strong district and building leadership, high-quality instruction in every classroom through a highly coherent, child-centered instructional model where students meet their self-determined academic and personal goals to their highest potential.

Goal #2 Strategies

  • Adopt high standards and expectations of all students
  • Develop and implement effective monitoring and feedback system for all stakeholders (collaboration/reflective dialogue)
  • Ensure all students are engaged in well-rounded learning experience (STEAM opportunities)
  • Ensure all students can access and utilize technologies as learning tools
  • Develop and support district and school leaders to accelerate student achievement (aligned and coherent curriculum; infrastructure; culture & climate for productive learning)

Every Student Succeeds Act
(December, 2015)

At the core of our plan needs to be the student—their opportunity to learn, to access meaningful services to support their lives, and their ability to successfully transition into their lives after their PK-12 experience.

Every Student Succeeds Act
(December, 2015)

  • Focus on Learner-Centered Supports situates considerable work around Michigan’s primary “customers” of our education system – our students.

  • This plan is a vehicle to enact the goals articulated in Michigan’s Top 10 in 10 years

Did You Know? Lenawee County

  • 11 public school districts along with the LISD, serve 15,349 students

  • Five private schools serve 786 students

  • The number of economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities has remained constant since 2011-12

  • 6 districts have declining revenue and 6 districts have increasing revenue

  • 9 districts have increasing expenditures and 7 districts have declining fund balances

  • 10 of the 12 total districts are experiencing declining student enrollment

Did You Know? Lenawee County

  • 60% of students with disabilities graduate with their classmates
  • 78% of economically disadvantaged students graduate with their classmates
  • 36% of the Class of 2008 graduated from a postsecondary institution within 6 years
  • 32% of the Class of 2009 graduated within 5 years (includes 2 yr, 4 yr, and trade schools reported in the National Student Clearinghouse)
  • 53% of 3rd grade students are proficient in ELA ; 44.5% of 11th grade students are proficient in ELA

Did You Know? Lenawee County

  • 51.7% of 3rd grade students scored proficient in Math ; 27.8% of 11th grade students scored proficient in Math

  • 26% of 11th graders are proficient in Science

  • Only 4% of 8th grade students with disabilities scored proficient on the 2015 M-STEP math assessment

  • 21% of students who are economically disadvantaged scored proficient on the 2015 M-STEP math assessment

Did You Know? Lenawee County

  • 30% of students enrolled in a remedial math course in college in 2013-14; 35% of students in the county enrolled in a remedial course in any subject
  • In 2013-14, 1,357 students in our county’s high schools were chronically absent (missing 10 days or more) ---on a positive note, only 886 students in grades 5-8 were chronically absent
  • There are 115 licensed and registered child care programs—27 are rated by the Quality Star Rating. 11 programs have 3 stars, 13 have 4 stars, and 3 have 5 stars
  • 50% of incoming kindergartners are considered “ready” for kindergarten as measured by the Brigance III
  • 44% of 7th graders, 58% of 9th graders and 60% of 11th graders report that school does not seem interesting (2015-16 MiPHY student survey)

Customized Learning

  • We need to face the harsh realities of our current educational system
  • The technology already exists to customize the learning environment for all learners
  • The role of the Learning Facilitator is critical
  • We need to prepare our learners for life
  • If this was easy, it would already be done!



















Strategic Design

  • The Process
    • Chuck Schwahn and Linda Laughlin served as facilitators
    • We had about 65 community members in attendance for the 3-day process
    • Identified and aligned core beliefs, values, mission and exit outcomes for all learners; Confirming our commitment to every student, every hour of every day
    • Developed vision statements for all learner outcomes (what will our graduates “be like” when they leave TPS)
    • This work will serve as a “filter” for all decision-making across the district
    • We will have a strategic direction that will drive our work!

Strategic Design: Next Steps

  • Draft of Strategic Design is under review by Leadership Team
  • Board will review final Strategic Design plan at their October board meeting
  • Identify implementation plan to move our Strategic Design forward

Strategic Design Take-Aways

  • We organize to get the outcomes we want
  • Understand and embrace the impact of technology
  • Be UNCOMPROMISINGLY learner centered
  • “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Debbie Millman

Reorganization Update

  • Implementation for the 2017-18 school year
  • Programming tied to Strategic Design
  • Several Advisory Committees
    • Internal and External
    • External Committees meeting in September
  • Configuration:
    • Two Y5/K/1 Buildings (Acres/Sutton)
      • Preschool at Sutton
    • 2nd – 6th grade building @ Current MS
    • Two Buildings: One for 7th & and one for 8th grade (Patterson/HP)
    • 9th – 12th grade High School

Wrapping It Up

District Reorganization

Customized Learning—A Beginning

Customized Learning—Necessary Components

  • Strategic Design for Customized Learning
  • A Shift In Mindset
  • Structure our System for Learner Success
  • Effective Instructional Practices and Monitoring Progress
  • Embrace Change
  • The Future IS Now!
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