Path to One Tecumseh
Proposal to the Board of Education

Ryan Rhoades

Co-Superintendent / Director of Technology

Griff Mills

Co-Superintendent / High School Principal

January 28 2019

TPS – Path to One Tecumseh

We want to launch a structured re-evaluation of the strategic design to diligently and methodically evaluate Tecumseh Public Schools. The following areas are subject to re-evaluation:

    • Vision and Mission
    • Communication
    • Curriculum and Assessment
    • Finance
    • Technology
    • Facilities and Safety
    • Human Resources and Policy
    • Athletics

©️ Tecumseh Public Schools | Ryan Rhoades & Griff Mills | January 28, 2019

*Note – We will incorporate the existing committee structure from the School Board of Education

Outcome: A strategic redesign template to be used as the map for fine-tuning our School district.

Guiding Principle: To deliver a design of an educational system that prepares students for life, based on proven best practice.

TPS – Path to One Tecumseh

©️ Tecumseh Public Schools | Ryan Rhoades & Griff Mills | January 28, 2019

3rd Party Opinion Survey of TPS Parents, Teachers, Administration and Staff

Evaluation of student performance through quantitative data analysis

Best Practice Evaluation based on quantitative data analysis and credible research

Synthesize Platform to which the School Board was elected.

Vision and Mission evaluation

Curriculum and Assessment Committee

Communication Committee

Facilities and Maintenance Committee

Finance Committee

Human Resources and Policy Committee

Technology Committee

Athletic Committee

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Strategic Redesign template for fine-tuning the school district.

School Board Approval

Implementation Teams for various initiatives.

Metric System for Measurement and guidance





TPS – Path to One Tecumseh

Committee Structure:

  • Selection Team: Tim Simpson, Rebecca Brooks, John Benzing, Ryan Rhoades, Griff Mills plus one member of the TEA (Tecumseh Education Association).
  • Selection Process for candidates: 50 words or less on why you believe you should participate on the core team.
  • No more than 7 members in any committee except the curriculum and assessment committee. Extended participation will be possible at the committee meetings as they will be run in an open format.
  • Curriculum Committee and Assessment broken up into K-3, 4-6, 7-8, 9-12

- Further Subcommittee structure based on departments as needed.

- Sizes will vary based on the subcommittee.

©️ Tecumseh Public Schools | Ryan Rhoades & Griff Mills | January 28, 2019

TPS – Path to One Tecumseh

  • “Phase I” will be an internal TPS team created to work on all four initiatives driven by Ryan Rhoades. We will use internal resources as much as possible to reduce any costs except for the survey creation and analysis.
  • We will use research that is based on quantitative data analysis in terms of best practice examination and verification.
  • We will provide an update at each board meeting as to the status of this initiative.
  • This exercise will be launched immediately and will conclude in April for the major design portions (i.e., Curriculum and Assessment) due to budgeting reasons. The remainder of the items may conclude at later times.
  • There will be difficult decisions to make and not everyone will be satisfied with the outcome.
  • Change is difficult and we need to move carefully step by step so that we can ensure the success of our students.

©️ Tecumseh Public Schools | Ryan Rhoades & Griff Mills | January 28, 2019

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