Reach Award Application
Hello - We are so pleased that you are submitting an application for our Reach Award. The purpose of this award is to celebrate and encourage those who have demonstrated the No Barriers element of REACH.

What is REACH?

The Reach Award, presented by the Reach Foundation, acknowledges individuals who have broken through personal barriers in order to elevate their family, their community and the world. These people exemplify the No Barriers Life element “Reach,” the arduous process of pushing through uncertainty towards immense possibilities.

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What do Reach Award Winners Receive?
Reach Award Winners receive a two-person scholarship to attend the annual No Barriers Summit. They also receive a complete package of Erik’s award-winning films and best-selling books, as well as a Reach pendant engraved in both print and Braille. We also highlight their story and help spread awareness for their important causes.
What is the No Barriers Summit?
At the 4-day No Barriers Summit, we envision a world in which the power of the human spirit transcends barriers. At The Summit you will be surrounded by a community who knows What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way. Choose to embark on over 40 adaptive activities, be motivated by phenomenal speakers and inspired by innovative technologies and products that are shattering barriers. This family-friendly event is for people of all ages and abilities. You will leave forever changed.
Reach Award Criteria
Merit and Fit - Your biography and personal letter will be evaluated to determine the level of Reach demonstrated

Ability to attend the Summit - We would like all Reach Award winners to attend the full No Barriers Summit

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