Authority to fundraise
Thank you for supporting the Touched by Olivia Foundation and our shared vision to create an inclusive society through play.

Touched by Olivia Foundation is driven by passionate volunteers like you, with great ideas and the drive to bring together fundraising efforts. We’ve been generously supported by corporate sponsors to ensure that our ongoing administrative costs are covered – this means that 100% of all funds you raise directly benefit our projects.

Fundraisers can be anything from a cake stall to a fancy ball; the common ground is every activity raises vital funds and awareness to ensure that there are inclusive playgrounds across Australia, and ongoing research and better treatment for sufferers of vascular birthmarks.
Because Touched by Olivia Foundation is bound to charitable licensing requirements in each state, we need to ensure that every fundraiser has registered with our organization. Our registration form is including in this document. If you have any questions, or need assistance please email

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