Rabbinic Circle
Joining the Rabbinic Circle does not indicate support for each and every position or statement by the CJV or a CJV officer. Rather, it indicates your support for the following:

We believe that the entirety of the Torah, Written and Oral, was transmitted by G-d to Moshe and Israel. The Torah, and the Torah alone, provides the bedrock ideals of Jewish ethics and values.

We recognize that in certain areas of ethics and morality actively debated today, the Torah mandates a particular position. Among these are the definitions of marriage, family and gender; the sanctity of human life from the womb until its last moment; and the nature of the unique hatred directed against our people. We value, as well, a society that safeguards our religious liberty, and recognize the potential danger posed by those educated to be hostile to our values. Finally, we are acutely aware of the unique nature and danger of anti-Semitism, and resent its partisan misuse to besmirch individuals who have demonstrated ongoing friendship towards Jews and Jewish interests.

In the current environment, when it is common to hear positions foreign to our values represented as "Jewish views," it is important that a voice be heard to correct the record. We recognize and appreciate the efforts of the Coalition for Jewish Values to represent the consensus of our viewpoints.

We sign in support of this organization and wish it much success in its efforts.

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Membership in the Rabbinic Circle is limited to those who have pursued advanced rabbinic studies in a yeshiva or kollel (recognized as such by the mainstream observant community), culminating in either formal semicha or being recognized as a Rabbi due to Kollel studies, Chinuch, Kiruv or other rabbinic duties.
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