Tomnod Search and Rescue (SAR) Campaign Request Form
Search and Rescue Campaign Support Service Statement

Although Tomnod hopes for the best outcome in all events, its service may not be suitable for every cause and Tomnod uses its discretion carefully when choosing campaigns. With that, Tomnod is not obligated to accept any SAR campaign application.

Tomnod has only officially accepted a Search and Rescue campaign application once a service contract has been signed and countersigned.

Tomnod can never guarantee the outcome of an event. Accepting an SAR campaign application does not guarantee a positive result for the cause.

If your SAR campaign application is accepted, Tomnod's complimentary service obligations are limited to the following:

-Tasking the satellites in an attempt to collect satellite imagery of the search area for up to ten (10) days (Tomnod is not obligated to provide any satellite imagery of the search area, although we will attempt every possibility within the ten (10) day time frame).
- Note: If a clean satellite image is collected on day two (2), the satellites will continue to be tasked for the remaining 8 days, in an attempt to collect additional satellite imagery, or until the SAR event has ended, whichever comes first.

If clean, actionable satellite imagery (deemed as such by Tomnod) is collected within the ten (10) days, Tomnod will:

- Create a public Tomnod campaign and make it available on
- Deliver CrowdRank’ed results (including coordinates) to the applicant, once each pixel of the satellite image(s) has been reviewed by at least three (3) people.

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