Study Table Registration Form

The purpose of after-school study table is to provide an environment where students who are involved in specific after-school activities (athletics, theatre, etc.) can use the time to study as well as to provide additional after-school supervision to accommodate family transportation schedules. It is our desire to provide an environment conducive to those needs. The standards and expectations that are established throughout the regular school day will be implemented during study table.

Study Table is provided daily from 3:00-5:30 pm free of charge to student athletes and those involved in specific after-school activities. However, a fee of $100 per month per family will be assessed for non-athlete students, siblings of athletes, and student athletes who are not in season. We ask that families take special care of not extending pick-up times past 5:30pm. Additional fees may occur for late pick-ups.

In an attempt to provide more effective supervision we are asking that the following registration form is submitted prior to the first day of study table attendance.
Student Name
Parent/Guardian Name
Cell Phone
Other phone
Parent Signature
PLEASE NOTE: Your payment of $100 per month (for non athletes) will be due by the last day of the month prior to the month you are attending Study Table.
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