Mission Center Nonprofit Services Accounting Questionnaire
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How many accounts listed below does your nonprofit organization have? *
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How many deposits does your organization process or receive each week per sources listed below?
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Teller Deposit
Does your organization track income by restricted/unrestricted funds? *
Approximately how many checks or online payments does your organzation write or process each week? *
How many debit purchases does your organization make on a monthly basis?
Does your organization use a credit card to make purchases?
If you answered YES to the above, how many card holders are on the credit card account?
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If you make credit card purchases, what is the average number of transactions that occur on the monthly statement?
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Does your organization track expenses by functional expense coding?
Does your organization receive funds from grants? *
If you answered yes to the above question, how many grants does your organization receive?
Do your grantors require special reporting or auditing?
How many financial reports does your agency receive monthly? *
Would you like to receive information on health benefit insurance? *
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