5th Grade Math Placement Test. Part 1. Calculator may be used.
You may use a calculator on this portion of this test.
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1. Which of the following numbers is NOT a factor of 42? *
2. The LCM of 8 and 12 is _____________. *
3. The area of a rectangle is 48 square inches. Which list contains some of the possible measurements of its length and width? (A = L x W) *
4. A 6-pound bag of oranges costs $8.22. What is the cost per pound? *
5. The local grocery store sells steak for $6.37 per pound. What would it cost to purchase 7 pounds of steak at the grocery store? *
6. Choose the list of numbers that contains only multiples of 12. *
7. A 2 in. by 9 in. rectangle is changed into a 4 in. by 9 in. rectangle. What is the difference in their areas? *
8. A rectangle has an area of 32 square inches. If a diagonal is drawn, two right triangles are formed. What is the area of one of the right triangles? *
9. In simplest form, what is another way to write the ratio of 4 to 6? *
The flagpole is _______ to the ground. *
What ordered pair is the point in Quadrant 3? *
What is the ratio of stripes to stars on the flag above? *
14. Which shows the correct ratio of 16 girls to 14 boys? *
Find the coordinates of the fourth vertex to complete the rectangle. *
What is the mean number of hours athletes exercise weekly? *
17. Mr. Cole plans to tile the new sun room he built for his wife Betty. The area of the room measures 320 sq. feet. If the length of the room measures 20 feet, what is the width of the room? *
18. William is making chili and needs beans to complete the recipe. He has $5.25 to spend. If 2 cans of beans cost $1.58, how many cans of beans can he buy? *
19. Using this set of numbers, determine in which order they would be placed on a number line. *
Captionless Image
20. Tom has a bag that contains 20 tokens that are all the same size, but marked with different amounts of money. The tokens are marked as follows: 8 pennies, 6 nickels, 4 dimes, and 2 quarters. For Allison to win the game, she must pick a coin worth more than 10 cents. What is the probability of choosing a coin worth more than 10 cents? *
Which of the following operations could be placed in cup M so that both sides of the equal sign represent the same number? *
22. Antonio has $45.00. He has $27.00 more than Jermaine. Using "j" for Jermaine, which equation represents how much money Jermaine has? *
What is the distance from the school to the baseball field? *
Which number is represented by the point on the number line above? *
26. Ms. Emily's 5th grade class is going to the zoo on their class trip. The zoo is 125 miles away. If they arrive at the zoo in 2 1/2 hours, approximately how fast was the bus traveling? *
27. If Lori can make 2 birdhouses in 3 hours, how long will it take her to make 10 birdhouses? *
Using the graph, identify the coordinates for point C. *
Jill is going to draw a reflection of the triangle shown across the y-axis in quadrant II. What will the coordinates be for the vertex of the right angle in the triangle that Jill draws? *
Which rational number is located between points A and B on the number line? *
32. Which numerical expression below could represent the following expression? "8 cents more than the price of a sandwich" *
34. What algebraic expression represents "3 times a number minus 6" using M for the variable? *
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