Banana Splits 2017 Post-survey
Hello students!

The purpose of this survey is for me to determine whether or not the Banana Splits support group has helped you cope with your feelings about divorce or separation and your family. There are no right or wrong answers. Please just answer truthfully from your heart.
What is your name
Your answer
Which school are you in?
How happy are you with yourself and your life right now?
not at all happy with myselfand life
Very happy with myself and my life
I believe children cause their parents' divorce or separation
I could talk to the following people about how I am feeling: (check all that apply)
When I have sad or other difficult feelings, I can: (check all that apply)
Overall I would rate my group experience as:
Being part of this group has helped me to understand that:
If a friend was thinking of joining banana splits, I would :
The thing I like most about banana splits group is:
Your answer
The End :)
Thank you for taking this survey and for participating in Banana Splits. It has been a lot of fun working with you!
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