instaCareers- Job Seeker Survey
CareersUnbound is building an exclusive application for you, the job seekers. Please let us know your views on which features you would like to see, feel they are unique, and which you dislike.

The purpose of this survey is to gather inputs from job seekers to develop job seeker application “instaCareers”. Your name and contact details provided won’t be used for any commercial purpose.

Please answer following simple questions, it won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

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Employers like to know with whom they are interacting or prospect who will join the organization. Upload up to 10 pictures to show your achievements, hobbies or anything which you feel will help the employer to know you better.
Video interviewing. *
instaCareers wants to save your time by shortening recruitment process. Employers will send you questions; you just need to record a video of yourself answering those questions. Upload it on instaCareers, that’s it! as simple as it sounds.
Social media integration. *
Save your time filling lengthy forms, choose from which social media you want instaCareers to get your information. And when you want to sign into instaCareers, use the same social media platform.
Job recommendation. *
You deserve a better job, and we know which one you are best suitable for. instaCareers will recommend you 10 best job openings.
Skill-fit and culture-fit scores. *
Now you can view your skill fit and culture fit scores from a technology developed by CareersUnbound powered by IBM Watson. Know which skills you need to develop and choose a company which matches your cultural attributes.
Course recommendation. *
Lacking in particular skills? instaCareers will recommend you the courses which you require to fill your skills gap.
Uploading resume directly from G-drive or Dropbox *
Now you can directly upload your resume on instaCareers from G-drive or Dropbox. Save your time and efforts.
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