2013 Gold Shirt Application

What is a Gold Shirt? Gold Shirts are a group of young adults 16 or older who help to run the Teen Staff Program at the THSC Convention. If you are interested in this exclusive leadership opportunity, please read the info below carefully. Gold Shirt Responsibilities Each Gold Shirt will be attached to a team (8-12 teens) in the Teen Staff Program. It will be their job to take roll and keep tabs on their team as well as "float" or "roam" amongst the group and encourage positive interaction between teammates. Gold Shirts need to be attentive to the dynamics of their group as they accompany their teams through the various workshops, activities and service jobs. People skills and good judgment are a must as it may be necessary to "tactfully redirect" individual team members from certain jobs or behaviors and to give recommendations to TSP directors regarding team adjustments. Time Commitment Thursday, Aug 1, 3:00pm - Set Up (not mandatory but greatly encouraged) Thursday, Aug 1, 6:00pm - 10:00p.m. - Gold Shirt Training and Pizza Party (mandatory) Friday and Saturday, Aug 2-3, 8:00am - 6:00pm - Teen Staff Program In Session (mandatory) Perks In exchange for taking on additional time commitments and additional responsibility, our Gold Shirts are given a few additional perks. In 2013 these perks include: honor and prestige, a beautiful "gold" t-shirt, a Thursday Evening Pizza Party, group lunches on Friday and Saturday of the Convention, as well as... drum roll please... a ticket to the Sat. evening John Branyan Comedy Show! Some Gold Shirts will go as a group, or you can attend with your family. If you can't attend, the ticket is fully transferable so you can make someone's day by giving it to a friend. Please Note: There are a limited number of Gold Shirt positions and we cannot accommodate everyone. Preference will be given to those 18 or older who have had experience in the Teen Staff Program. Applicants will not be contacted until the beginning of June with their acceptance status. Follow the instructions below to apply for a Gold Shirt Position. 1) Register for the Teen Staff Program. You may do so when your family pre-registers for the Convention or you may do so by calling THSC toll free at 888.200.4903; press "0" and say you need to register for the Convention as a Gold Shirt. If you are 18 or under, you will be required to pay the Teen Staff registration fee. 2) Please be sure your family can accommodate the required time commitment (listed above) for all Gold Shirts. 3) You will need to obtain a short letter of recommendation from an adult other than your parent. Make sure your reference is willing to be contacted with questions. 4) You will need a current photo of yourself to email. 5) After you have your letter and photo, you may proceed to fill out the application below.
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