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What is TinTin?
Watch this short video to see how TinTin has benefited other organisations!
Project Tintin is a tin and volunteer management system to aid in Flag Day processes.
As of August 2017, TinTin has been successfully deployed for 7 Flag Days, managing close to 10,000 tins.

Project Tintin includes these features before flag day:

- Manage Event Details such as flag day date, enquiry email
- Manage the list of locations for tin collection, and its tin assignments
- Manage email template to flagsellers and station supervisors
- Registration form for flagsellers/station supervisors to sign up
- Download compiled list of flagsellers/station supervisors with their details (e.g. name, email, mobile number)
- Automatic sending of QR codes and details of Flag Day to flagsellers/station supervisors upon registration
- View bounced emails for further action
- Bulk upload list of flagsellers/station supervisors
- Manage flagsellers/station supervisors details, including station assignment

On the flag day itself and after flag day, these features can help you:
- Issuing and collecting of tins to registered and walk-in flagsellers
- Reporting loss of tins
- Track status of tins through dashboard
- Dashboard monitoring of tins on Flag Day
- Download system data (e.g. which tin did flagseller take, volunteer hours, etc) post Flag Day
- Send certificates to thank all volunteers (optional)

To see how TinTin looks like, you can take a look at the screens here:
What will we (VWO) need to do in order to use TinTin?
1. Request to use TinTin by providing your flag day information in the next page
2. Upon submission, this information will be sent to DPA and they will be in touch with you
How much will it cost to use TinTin?
The estimated cost is SGD50 per month.

The cost you pay goes purely to the hosting of TinTin, and will be charged directly to you by the hosting company (Heroku) through your credit card. We will not be charging anything extra to you.

For more details on the steps involved in creating your Heroku account for billing purposes, please take a look at this document:

If it's confusing, no worries! Let us know and we can do it together with you :)
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