Thought Leadership Questionnaire
The journey from leader to thought leader is made up of many different building blocks; you may find you've already made considerable headway in some areas, while in others you are just beginning. The following assessment will help me understand what progress you've already made as well as where you could use some additional guidance, resources and clarity.

Please complete all the multiple choice questions about your thought leadership journey. Then below you'll be asked to give me more details on two of your answers. This is followed by details about you and your preference for participation. Don't forget to include all your contact information so we can let you know about next steps when we start the next circle.

And thank you! I'm looking forward to helping you accelerate your thought leadership journey.
Email address *
1) I have identified a thought leadership niche where I want to establish myself as the 'go to' person. *
I have already made some efforts to bring about needed change in my community, company, organization or niche. *
I have built a program, project, initiative or process that has the potential to scale beyond what I can do on my own. *
I believe my ideas are worth sharing. *
Not really
I am comfortable stepping into the limelight; I'm not afraid to speak up and share what I know in person and online. *
I'm not at all comfortable speaking out or standing in front of others
I am very experienced at speaking out & standing in front of others
I am connected to influencers who are willing to champion my ideas. *
I have a few influencers in my network
I have many influencers that I am connected to and I can and do leverage them to champion my ideas
I have a developed a blueprint, methodology, or framework that others can follow to replicate what I have achieved. *
I have established my own platform (website, blog, YouTube channel) that is effective for sharing my ideas. *
I have begun to build followers that I communicate with regularly (email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn group, in-person gatherings) to share resources and lessons learned in order to scale my efforts and initiatives. *
I have some people in my network but I have not engaged them as followers around my ideas
I have a loyal following or tribe that I communicate with regularly
I have determined what success looks like and I have determined metrics to measure my success. *
Now, choose one of the questions above and write 2-3 paragraphs giving me more insight into your answer specific to your progress within your own area of thought leadership. *
Optionally, choose a second one of the questions above and write no more than a few paragraphs giving me more insight into your answer specific to your progress within your own area of thought leadership.
Your name *
Your company/organization and your role. (If your thought leadership is not related to your job, please let me know what topic/arena you are focused on.) *
How did you hear about this program? *
The structure of the program will be that the entire group will meet regularly by phone or Zoom and in between the full group meetings participants will meet with members of a smaller assigned tribe of folks from the group. In the smaller tribe, you will work together on homework assignments, providing support and feedback to each other along the way. Some people may choose to participate in the full group calls/meetings and have access to the materials and assignments but not participate in a tribe. Are you interested in joining a tribe? Why or why not? *
Please add any other information you'd like me to consider. You can include a link to your website or LinkedIn or book, etc. or just add a comment or share a question here.
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